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Welcome to Crochet Cabana! Sharing a love of crochet since 1997.
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Crochet Cabana is the brainchild of Sandie Petit--that’s me!--an avid crocheter who is passionate about the craft. I am a CYCA Certified Crochet Teacher and member of CGOA. The site was started to share my interest with others in October 1997, and has grown since then to become a great resource for crocheters all over the web. If you’re new to the craft, you’ll find lots of tutorials and easy patterns to get you started. If you already love it, you’ll find plenty of information here to help you expand your skillset with specialty stitches and more advanced techniques, as well as patterns, resources, and charity information that can be useful to both newbies and seasoned crocheters alike.

Crochet Cabana celebrated 15 years on the web with a complete site overhaul in 2012. My deepest gratitude to my daughter Kate who did the bulk of the work on this overhaul. My thanks also to my husband who is my go-to tech support and was a great help in the upload process of the new site. Thanks also to my son-in-law who is a great text editor. Without these folks, you would not be seeing this fabulous new look and the additional material.

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Note: The patterns here are in US/American terminology and written for right-handed crocheters, unless otherwise noted.

Terms of Use/Licensing: Personal, private & local sales of finished items created using Crochet Cabana patterns are allowed. No Internet or commercial sales are allowed. Please contact crochetcabana@gmail.com for questions regarding any other sales of items made from patterns. Design credit is appreciated.

Patterns and tutorials may be printed for personal use, but may not be reproduced, transmitted, or distributed, in any part or form, for free or for sale, without express permission. Please share links instead. PDF files of tutorials are available for purchase for teachers who need multiple copies.

About the ads: I don’t choose the ads placed here. Always use care when purchasing or subscribing to anything on the Internet.


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Crochet Cabana uses American crochet terminology.
For UK/Australia terms & international symbols, click here.

Copyright 1997 - 2016 by Sandra Petit. All rights reserved.

Crochet Cabana created October 1997 (domain name purchased March 2001)
Crochet Cabana’s Crafty Corral begun November 7, 2004.
The Crochet Cabana Blog begun May 2010.
Site update November 18, 2012.