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Crochet Aids for Those Who Suffer from Hand/Wrist Pain

Folks with arthritis sometimes have difficulty with fiber crafts requiring hooks and needles. There are a number of manufacturers who make custom hooks and I suggest checking these out as often the hook handle can be adjusted to suit your needs. I have purchased several hooks myself from Ebay and Etsy which would suit.

Before getting into the hooks, I happened across a few tips for those who suffer with hand and wrist pain while crocheting. Here is what I learned. Hope this helps someone.

Don’t try to crochet in the early morning or late at night. You probably already know this. I know my knees are stiffer in the morning and after being up all day, it takes me longer to get up and moving at night too. With the hands it is the same. Early morning, I can feel a difference in my hands. The fingers just don’t seem to "curl" as easily. As the day wears on, it is better.

Bathe or soak your hands in warm water before starting out.

Massage the hands or use one of the exercise techniques featured at Ergocise before you begin. If you use a cream, make sure it is not too sticky or slippery as that will frustrate you as you try to keep hold of your hook.

Speaking of the hook, wrap a rubber band around it a few times or use a pencil grip to help keep that hook for slipping out of your fingers.

Another thing some people find helps is the use of a special glove to give support to the wrist.

The clamp it vise might help a person who, for example, has had a stroke and use of only one hand. It holds hook steady while you work with it. There are many other items at Dynamic Living that might be useful to seniors such as myself. :) I’ve not ordered from them personally, but have perused the site and been tempted by their items.

Then there are hooks. Can’t crochet without a hook and a crocheter spends a LOT of time with her hook, so it is important to be comfortable. Here are my thoughts on hooks.

Note that some of the hooks below are rug hooks. If you choose to purchase these, make sure you are purchasing an actual hook that can be used for crochet and not a latch hook, which could not be used for regular crocheting. If in doubt, contact the store for details.

Here is a rug hook I picked up this weekend at Hobby Lobby. The hook is about 1" long. The size seems to me to be between a B and C aluminum hook, or between a 0 and 00 steel hook, around 2.5 or 2.75. That is very rough estimate, but you can get an idea from that. The widest part of the handle is about 3" around and the length of the handle is also about 3". Hope that gives you some idea of what you’re looking at and whether it would be helpful to you or not.

I noticed that the Woolery shop online has a variety of rug hooks in different sizes. The less expensive ones are sized by number so I am not sure what they are as compared to the crochet hooks, however the more expensive ($35 when I checked) had mm sizes from 2mm to 9mm. There is even a bent hook which is supposed to reduce wrist action. That might be useful for those with carpal tunnel and similar problems.

I personally have a few hooks purchased from Etsy dealer Katie Doty at Addicted to Yarns. These have a clay handle and can be made any thickness.

Click to enlarge


I have also purchased hooks from Cherie at Craft Designs For You. These are pricier hooks, but the handles are thick. Some use the regular aluminum hook ends and some are wooden. There are a variety, so have a look. I commissioned Cherie to make the hooks for my 10 year anniversary celebration. I LOVE them. Excellent quality. I highly recommend her work.


Click to enlarge.


Boomerang Hooks are unusual and claim they are "just what the doctor ordered". I do have one of these hooks, but have not used it much yet as I don’t make a lot of thread items and the hook I purchased is a small steel hook.


Click to enlarge.


Meno trigger hook - I have used this hook myself and love it. Others have used it and hate it. Like all hooks it is personal preference. Be sure of your guarantee when you order as I noticed one site said all sales are final and there are NO refunds. Some sites did not give their return policy on the page, so check it out if that’s a concern for you.

Click to enlarge.


Here is a photo of the Eleggant hook. The package specifically mentions those who suffer with arthritis. You can find this ergonomic hook at Lion Brand as well.


Click to enlarge.


The wooden egg hook is a joy to work with. The wood is smooth. It's fairly light and fits perfectly in my hand. Very similar to the Eleggant hook, but even better in my opinion. It was custom made by Jimbo at Jimbo's Front Porch. Perfect for anyone who has trouble holding the smaller hook shafts.


Click to enlarge.


Here is an interesting design of hook that might be useful to some, but I don’t know if it is still sold. I bought these years ago. I don’t use them very much, but again, hook use if very personal so what works for one person may or may not work for someone else.


Click to enlarge.

Provocraft has a hook set that is similar in design to the Meno hook. You can check it out here. I have this set myself and actually forgot I had it since it’s not with my regular hooks. I’ll have to pull it out and set it where I can see it.

http://www.halcyonyarn.com/rug_making_latch_rug_hook.html Lots of choices.

Clover soft touch hooks have a handle which is popular and might do. I’d get one to see if this hook works for you. They are a tad shorter than normal, but that is personal preference. They are available lots of places. You might even be able to find them at your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They sell a version that is lighted on the end. These work very well for me. Amazon has both regular and lighted versions.

Furls Crochet has a page that explains how their hooks help crocheters with arthritis to crochet longer and with greater ease.

If you want to do your own search, you can try searching for ergonomic hooks, rug hooks, hooks with thick handles etc. You might also try using pencil grips to help with holding a regular crochet hook. One other place to look is FurlsCrochet.

Don’t forget Ebay and Etsy. I purchased an Eleggant crochet hook from Ebay (like the one in this review ) but I haven’t actually used it yet, so I can’t comment on how it works. The reviewer did a good job listing pros and cons though. Items in these venues change so rapidly it’s no use giving links, but if you search for crochet hooks you will see many dealers who make customized hooks. If you are detailed in your description of what you want, many will work with you to come up with something that is useful.

Good luck!

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