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Janie Herrin
(aka Bea Wells, Crobeanie)

(This photo was taken about 9 years ago,
baby is her grandson, photo shared by Debbie - thanks!)

This page is dedicated to the wonderful crochet designer, Janie Herrin, who passed away March 19, 2010. You may know her as Bea Wells or Crobeanie. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends. She is survived by her husband, two sons and several grandchildren.

Janie's public obituary can be found here. She will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Janie! Please keep her family in your prayers.

I had the privilege of corresponding with Janie through e-mail several times over the years and she was always sweet and gracious, generous in sharing her skills and her life with others. She belonged to many different crochet lists at one time or another. I know she was involved with Thread Addicts, Tablecloth Hookers, and Crochetlist and many others at various times. Like all of us, I'm sure she was off and on the lists as her life path changed. As those of you who are part of the crafting community know, folks can get quite close on these lists where we share our crochet ups and downs, as well as our personal ups and downs. I remember Janie passing the word when crocheter Donna Melton passed away unexpectedly. Today we pass the word to let those who knew her know of her passing.

Janie was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2003. She went into remission in August 2007. At that time, she said, "Though I'm not worthy, somehow, God has had mercy on me!!!" What a humble soul! She was diagnosed with COPD a year or so ago and though she may not have been as visible on the crochet lists, she was never forgotten by those of us who were enjoying her generous gifts. Her patterns are timeless and will be a part of our lives for years to come.

As I went through some old e-mails, I had a good chuckle when I read a note from Janie. She said, "... when I looked for your URL, I liked to have fell over!! I've been a fan of yours since I first got online in 1998!!!  Well Sandie, why didn't you tell me you were the Sandie from Crochet Cabana?" The idea that someone like Janie Herrin, a talented published designer, could have heard of little ole me was mind boggling to me. I could hardly believe it.

I lost contact with Janie for a while and then last November, thanks to Jennifer Ofenstein and Debbie Butler, Janie and I reconnected. I learned she was ill again and I decided to make her an afghan, using her own patterns. I hoped she would be pleased and, to my delight, she was. Even though she was quite ill, she took time to send me a sweet note. I will share parts of her note to me, not to toot my own horn, but because it meant so much to me and I hope you will see how special this lady was by hearing her own words.  That she made that extra effort, to me, shows the strength of character this sweet lady had.

    Dearest Sandie, What a wonderful surprise, THANK YOU soooooooooo very much!!! ... I spotted the pineapple sq first thing. I told Mike that it was one of my sqs and then I realized they were ALL my sqs!!!!

    You've done such a beautiful job Hon, I'll always treasure this and I will be using it too. I've stopped packing things away and never seeing them again, those days are over. I hope that's OK! It makes me happy to look at it and touch it, and besides, my feet are cold and I feel like snuggling, LOL!!

    Thank you again for all you've done. I told Mike you were one of our old timers (like me) and your original web site was still going and stronger then ever even after all these years!!! I don't know of any other crochet sites that has done this, kudos to you Sandie!!! I know it hasn't always been easy.

I'm so glad my small contribution gave her some joy in her final months. I like to picture her snuggled up in the ghan (pic below). Every square is developed from Janie's own design, some had rounds added to get them up to size. I agree with Janie - don't let those special things sit unused. Pull them out. Life is short!

Here is a photo of the ghan I made for Janie. Someone asked me to post a list of the squares used. Note that I added rounds to most of the squares to get them to the size I needed, but I didn't write down my additions/changes. If you would like to see the individual squares, you can find more information on this afghan here.

Lovely Lace

Land of the Free

Polka Dot Country

Monet Pineapple

Embossed Floral

Drop in the Bucket

Tropical Daisy

Marvelous Mauve

Blueberry Pie

Soft and Sweet

Sage Wheel

Raspberries and Cream

Before I get into Janie's patterns, Thata Pang, a member of Thread Addicts, a group with which Janie was associated, designed a doily pattern in her honor. She kindly gave me permission to include it here. It is a pdf file.

Janie Doily by Thata Pang


I cannot guarantee these are all her published works. If you know of another which I can confirm, I will happily add it. Please forgive any duplication as there were a lot of patterns and though I tried to go through them, I don't have them all personally so I couldn't check to see if items of similar names were the same or different patterns. With the help of several wonderful people, I've done the best I can. Hope this page brings to you fond memories of Janie.

Note that these patterns were sold to Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss before Janie’s death. Jean has since passed away herself.

Available on Crochet Cabana:
12" Drop in the Bucket square
Thank you to Jean for allowing me to keep this pattern on site.


Available online presently:
Angel Dishcloth (written as Bea Wells)
(rights sold to Leinhauser/Weiss; link used with permission)
Janie wrote this poem in 1999 to go with the dishcloth.


Creative Crochet is the web site of published designers Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. Janie sold her patterns to them some time ago. I do not know what happened with regards to the patterns when Jean Leinhauser passed away.

Free patterns at Creative Crochet include:
Raspberries and Cream afghan
Snowflake Earrings
Americana afghan (in 100 Afghans below)


From 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares (Leisure Arts #4420) by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss:

Autumn Leaves (9"), p. 52
Berries and Cream 8 1/2"), p. 31
Bright and Bold (7 1/2"), p. 60
Blue on Blue (11 1/2"), p. 64
Cluster Wheel (7"), p. 58 same as in 100 Afghans
Dainty Diamond (7 1/2"), p. 54
Embossed Floral (7"), p. 15 (same as in 100 Afghans but different color changes)
Golden Accents (8"), p. 38
High Noon (9"), p. 56
Hot Pepper (8"), p. 59
Land of the Free (8"), p. 70
Rosy Petals (7"), p. 62
Rosy Wreath (10"), p. 48
Ruffle-Go-Round (8 1/2"), p. 66
Sailing Along (7"), p. 51 (same as in 100 Afghans, but this one finishes off colors and 100 Afghans does not)
Sandcastle (7"), p. 50 same as in 100 Afghans
Ship's Wheel (6"), p. 55
Soft & Sweet (8"), p.57 same as in 100 Afghans, diff colors
Sunny Day (7 1/2"), p. 53

This a wonderful collection of squares by various designers.


In addition, you can find her patterns in the publications noted at Janie's Flickr (still posted as of October 2012). For your convenience, I have listed those below, but you really should hop over there and look at the photos. Beautiful works of art.

Some of these products are quite possibly out of print. You might check Ebay, half.com or Amazon used booksellers for them. As always, read descriptions of items carefully, and check out used book dealer ratings before purchasing items. Ask questions if you are uncertain about anything. I've had many successful purchases with private dealers.

From 100 Afghans to Knit & Crochet by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss:
(Page numbers are from my copy ©2006)

Americana (#38, p. 84)
Autumn Glory (#13, p. 32)
Baby Clouds (#76, p. 164)
Beautiful Blues (#4, p. 14)
Blue is for Boys (#85, p. 184)
Blueberry Pie (#17, p. 40)
  [Errata: There was a small error in Round 10 of Blueberry Pie. it should say "skip next dc" not "tr", right at the beginning]
Bright and Bold (#97, p. 212)
Captain’s Wheel (#68, p. 146)
Choo-Choo (#61, p. 132)
Cluster Wheel (#60, p. 130) same as Cluster Wheel in 50 Fabulous Squares
Country Hearts (#72, p. 154)
Country Roses (#10, p. 26)
Cross Over Throw (#99, p. 216)
Curly O’s (#79, p. 170)
Deep Purple (#32, p.72)
Embossed Floral (#92, p. 198) (same as in 50 Crochet Squares but different color changes)
Evening Shadows (#40, p. 88)
Filet Ruffles (#43, p.94)
Floral Accent (#100, p. 218)
Flower Power (#87, p. 188)
Garden Path (#78, p. 168)
Granny Goes Straight (#65, p. 138)
Jacob’s Ladder (#71, p. 152)
Lilac Lace (#5, p. 16)
Lovely Lace (#58, p. 126)
Marvelous Mauve (#53, p. 116)
Meshin’ Around (#90, p. 194)
Monet Pineapple (#15, p. 36)
  [Errate: In Monet Pineapple in Rnd 9 it should say " *work (2 dc, ch 2, 2dc) " rather than just "dc"]
Pineapple Throw (#37, p. 82)
Polka Dot Country (#56, p. 122)
Reflections on the Go (#26, p. 60)
Rosy Ruffles (#50, p. 108)
Sage Wheel (#47, p. 102)
Sailing Along (#29, p. 66) (same as 50 Crochet Squares, but in this one you do not finish off colors)
Sandcastle (#19, p. 44) same as in 50 Crochet Squares
Singing the Blues (#21, p. 48)
Scrap Sensation (#24, p. 56)
Snow Trees (#82, p. 176)
Soft and Sweet (#94, p. 204) same as in 50 Crochet Squares, diff colors
Summer Sunshine (#45, p. 98)
Tropical Daisy (#81, p. 174)
Turtle Shells (#1, p. 8)

From 100 Crochet Projects by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss:

A La Foo Foo Potholder (#74, p. 188)
Dad’s Doily (#33, p. 90)
Dutch Treat (#22, p. 56)
Kitchen Angel and Dishcloth (#14, p. 36)
Pineapple Roses (#90, p. 230)
Pinning Up Roses (#77, p. 197)
Pretty Petals Doily (#2, p. 10)
Plum Granny Ripple (#31, p. 82)
Prom Purses (#4, #5, p. 14)
Ribbon Fringe Shawl (#70, p. 178)
Snowflake Earring (available online at Creative Partners) (#58, p. 153)
Stripes on Parade (#55, p. 146)
Texas Roses (#62, p. 160)
Sweet Sachet (#66, p. 171)

From Annie's Crochet Quilt and Afghan Club:

Colorful Contagion
Afternoon Tea
Blossoms ‘n Lace
Framed Popcorn

From Crochet Home & Holiday:

Winter Rose Doily - Crochet Home & Holiday, #76 April/May 2000
Whispering Leaves Doily - Crochet Home & Holiday, #77 June/July(?) 2000
Yellow Daisy Table Runner - Crochet Home & Holiday, #78 Sept. 2000

From Hooked on Crochet:

Braided Chains Hotpad - Hooked on Crochet, October 2000
Bonnet and Booties - Hooked on Crochet, February 2001

From other assorted publications:

Silent Night - Annie’s Favorite Crochet, Dec. 2000
Chain of Hearts Tablecloth - Crochet Magazine, July 2002
Box Pretty Petals - Little Box of Crocheted Throws
Pretty in Pink Afghan - Afghan Splendor, p. 20, HB book 2000
Whisper of Clover Doily - Annie’s Favorite Crochet, Aug. 2001
Filet Table Topper - Annie’s Favorite Crochet, #112 Aug. 2001
Rings of Clover Afghan - Annie’s Crochet to Go, #127 March 2001
Scrubby Pad (COTD) - Annie’s Crochet to Go, #127 March 2001
Clover Afghan - Annie’s Favorite Crochet, #122 April 2003


Janie designed many patterns for Pattern Paradise (her subscription site) before she was diagnosed with leukemia. The titles of these patterns were given to me by others and I have no way to verify them. I did not include those I knew to be published elsewhere - such as squares which were designed and used in a published afghan. It is also possible that I missed some or that they have been published under a different name. To my knowledge those below have not been published anywhere else and are now the property of Jean and Rita.

1-2-3 vest
14" Doily
3-color ripple
A Burst of Spring
All Purpose Case
Angel Bookmark
Annabelle Doily
Baby Crayon Hat
Bag of Hearts Tote
Betty Doily
Bookmark with Style
Braided Key Ring
Broomstick Lace
Bunny Bath Puppet
Casual Top
CD Wheel Coaster
Center Pouch (12 inch square)
Chain of Hearts motif
Checkered Hat
Checkered Purse
Child's Cotton Candy Afghan
Child's Sweater
Christmas Butterfly Ornament
Christmas Stocking
Chunky Vest
Climbing Roses Clinging Vines
Clothespin Angel #1
Colonial Doll Tissue Cover
Color Me Pink
Cotton Sport Dishcloth
Crawlin' Crayon Baby Set
Crochet Along Quilt Pattern (9 patch sampler)
Crocheted on the Double Headband
Cross stitch Baby Hat
Cross stitch Bonnet
Cross stitch Booties
Curls Beret
Custom Fit Chunky Slippers
Days of the Week Doilies (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat)
Delectable Mountains Afghan
Denim Sport Belt
Diamond Gems (motif)
Dog Sweater
Doll Face Potholder
Doll Face Purse
Dozen Pineapples
Easy Granny Afghan
Easy Newborn Baby Booties
Fashion Top
Filigree Coaster
Flying Shells (motif)
Frill Cup Coaster
Front Post Hand Towel and Coaster Set
Front Post Towel Topper
FSU Scarf and Hat
Gift Bath Set
Glorious Gloria
Granny Rose Bookmark
Granny Satchel
Grapes Towel Holder
Green Calyx Doily
Grovin Along
Hexagon Dishcloth
Hexagon Heart Filet
Kids Chunky Slippers
Kid's Quick and Easy Hat
Kids Ripple Hat
Kids Ripple Scarf, Hat and Purse
Kitchen Duo
Kitchen Trio
Knit-look Kids Hat
Knit Slippers
Lacet Bookmark
Lacy Pineapple Motif
Lacy Shells Bookmark
Ladder Stitch Bookmark
Ladder Stitch Dishcloth
Ladies Plumberry Scarf and Hat
Leisure Wrap
Lil' Heart Bath Set
Lucky Penny Holder #1
Mans Bulky N-hook Sweater
Mel Doily 1
Mel Doily 2
Merrily We Crochet Along - 3 sizes
Mesh CD Coaster
Microwave Heating Pad
Mini sachet
Mistletoe Doily
My Blue Doily
N Hook Afghan
New Year's Eve Kitchen Trio
Nursery Booties
Octagon Kitchen Set
On the Double dishcloth and Coaster set
One Piece Sampler Baby Afghan
Open Mesh Tote
Pebble Pouch #2
Petals and Clusters
Picot Bookmark
Pineapple (Mile-a-Minute strip)
Pineapple Accent Throw
Pineapple Air Freshener Doll
Pineapple Doll Tissue Cover
Pineapple Patience (motif)
Pineapple Petals Doily
Pineapple Purse
Pineapple Rose Pillowghan
Pineapple Shawl
Pineapple Shrug
Pineapples by the Dozen Doily
Pink Pineapple Doily
Plum Granny Ripple Afghan
Pom Pom Beret
Quick Pot Holder
Rag-time Unisex Sweater
Rose Bookmark
Rose Mesh Sachet
Royal Blue Headband
Ruffles Kitchen Set
Scalloped Towel Topper
Scraps and Lace Afghan
Seascape Ripple Afghan
Shaded Greens Small Doily
Shell Sacque
Shell Stitch Air Freshener Doll
Simple Sachet
Simple Thread Coaster
Sissy Doily
Sling Bag
Small Blue Doily
Small Doily
Small Lacy Doily/Jar Topper
Small Pineapple Doily
Spike Stitch Carryall
Splash Dance Afghan
Splendid Coaster
Spring Doily
Sunburst CD Coaster
Sunshine Kitchen Set
Sunshine Towel Holder
Sweet Shells Bookmark
Tissue Bag
Touch of Color
Tri Tube Hook Caddy
Trinket Doily
Two Tone Coaster
UF Scarf and Hat
V st bag
V-stitch Bonnet
V-stitch Sacque
Victorian Roses Afghan and Pillow
Whimsical Santa Shawl
Yellow Pineapple Doily
Zippered Hook Bag

7" squares
Sage Coach

12" squares
A La Foo-Foo Square
Lavender Lace
Lavender Scent
October Square
Spooky Square
Zig Zag Square

15" squares used in the Summer Reef Afghan
(afghan designed with James Davis and Melissa R. Majewski);
Janie's squares used were:
Hawaiian Sun
Heat Wave
Island Daisy
Tropical Roses

Sampler HAMghan (Mile-a-minute strips) uses:
Double O
Filet Diamond
Filet Heart
Flower Power (different from Flower Power square in 100 Afghans)
Pineapples Parade

Aspen Print Afghan used these 7" squares (6 squares across by 8 squares down):
Cabin Window
Clusters Heel
Cottage Window
Cross Over (possibly square used in Cross Over Throw (100 Afghans, #99, p. 216)
Embossed Floral (p. 15 in 50 Fabulous Squares and #92, p. 198 in 100 Afghans)
Filet Ruffles (100 Afghans, #43, p.94)
Mercury Rising
Mesh'in Around (100 Afghans, #90, p. 194)
V-stitch Frame

With James Davis (Pandaman) (these are baby outfits):
All American Girl
All American Boy
Luv My Uncle Sam Boy
Luv My Uncle Sam Girl




If anyone has remembrances or comments they would like to share, please send them to me at Crochet Cabana with permission to post. If you do not specifically tell me you'd like me to post it, I cannot add it to the page. I've rec'd many sweet comments and I know Janie would be pleased. Thanks!

    The thing that I remember most about Janie (and will Always remember) is that she was a woman of great faith. She was what I describe as "a True child of the Lord". What I mean is that she had a childlike faith and trust in the Lord that He would provide her needs and care for her. She was right. I will also always remember that she LOVED Everyone! Even those people who caused her anguish, she eventually forgave them and prayed fervently for them.

    Janie was a wonderful woman, an exceptional crocheter and a great designer. She had a million ideas, many of which came to fruition and brought countless hours of happiness to countless crocheters around the world. I cannot count the hours she and I spent in her living room knitting, crocheting, laughing and designing patterns. I will certainly miss these "crochet-a-thons" and "knit-a-thons", but I'm sure she's in a happier place and keeping an eye on all who cared about her. I, for one, will certainly enjoy the legacy of Love she left behind - her patterns and my memories of her.

    Rest in Peace, my buddy! I Love You!
    - James Davis (Pandaman)

    Janie was a wonderful woman and a true friend in every sense of the word. We spent endless hours on the phone everyday for the last several years until she got too sick to talk. I last spoke with her in January when I had to break the sad news that we had lost Sissy Dearing. Janie and Sissy used to talk on the phone all the time too. The last year has been a very sad one for me. They both got sick about the same time and we lost them both within a couple months of each other ... my phone is so quiet now.

    Some of my fondest memories of Janie were ... picking up the phone and her saying "What are you fixing for dinner", or calling me one morning and saying "I just couldn't help myself, I got on the computer at 3 am and ordered about $300 worth of thread from Paraguay".

    She loved designing and always had something on her hook/needles. She would laugh at me when I told her that I just love this pattern or that pattern. Or, I'm getting ready to make this one. She would always say "Don't make that, it's awful".

    Janie, my dearest friend, we never had a chance to meet in person, but I felt like I knew you so well. We will meet again one day and you better have some new doily patterns for me.

    I miss you and love you!
    - Debbie Butler

    I've been a member of CL [Crochetlist] since 1998 and always found Janie to be a lovely, caring and very talented lady. I enjoyed the times she popped in to CAT [crochet-a-thon] - she was always a delight to chat with. Janie's patterns were well written and easy to follow and I particularly loved her little angel pattern. I have one on my dressing table and will think of Janie every time I look at it. I don't think the pattern is online any more so I'll treasure my pattern.
    - Dorothy from Canberra, Australia

    I was so sorry to hear of her [Janie] passing. I didn't know her personally but enjoyed her patterns. I am sure she will be greatly missed even by those that only had contact with her work. Years ago I was very fortunate to get her Pineapple Rose Pillowghan pattern and have made several and got nice compliments.
    - Betty

    I knew Janie from a lot of groups I was in at one time. She was such a sweet, kind and caring person and oh so talented at everything she did. When I read that she had passed I just cried because she was one of the best and kindest people you will ever know. I pray for her family, for God to Surround them All With Peace and to know that this great Lady will be so truly missed. She will always live on in all of hearts, for all of us her knew her. Oh my sweet Janie you will be so truly missed but always remembered.

    With A Heavy Heart
    - Bernadette Carnes

    I was a member of her pattern club years ago! She designed some of the most beautiful doilies I'd seen, which made me want to join up. I remember I saw one of her doily patterns on one of the photo sharing sites. The person that made it didn't give a source for the pattern, only the designer, so I went right to the source, Janie! All I was looking for was the name/issue of the magazine it was published in, but lo and behold, she not only told me the source but sent me a spare copy that she had! I was just thrilled. She was very kind and helpful. Sometimes designers that have made a name for themselves aren't always so willing to be that personal. Not so of Janie. I am so happy that I was able to correspond with such a sweet woman.
    - Debie from Wisconsin


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