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Simple Chemo Caps
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Here is how to make simple chemo caps. You can adjust for your yarn type by using a smaller or larger hook and changing number of rounds. Use soft yarn for chemo caps. I suggest using a more closed in pattern since they have no hair beneath.

    (1) Begin with a ring. Use either an adjustable ring, or ch-5 and join to make a ring.
    (2) ch 2 or 3 for height, and work 11 more dc into the ring for a total of 12 dc.
    (3) ch 2 or 3 for height and work 2 dc in each stitch around (including the stitch where you chained up).
    (4) After that you can either continue to increase 12 stitches evenly each round for a more flat topped hat, or you can increase by 6 evenly each round for a more gradual slope. Either way, when your hat is the size you want it, stop increasing and work just one dc in each stitch.
    Border Round: Use your imagination! I have a number of borders (edgings) you can use here.

Extra notes: To increase by 12, you need to count the number of stitches in your round, divide by 12 and increase in that stitch. In other words, say you have 36 stitches. 36 divided by 12 is 3. So you would increase (work 2 dc) in each 3rd stitch. If you want to increase by 6, it is the same. Just divide 36 by 6 and increase in the 6th stitch. See? Easy.

Still confused? See my tutorials on working in the round, or my YouTube video on making a simple hat.

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