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Teaching a Crochet Class
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Thinking of teaching crochet? At a loss as to what to teach when? I have created an outline to help you get started. If you have done it differently that’s great! If you have been to a class conducted differently, that is also fine. Every teacher has their own methods and every business that hires crochet teachers has its own requirements.

My daughter conducted a small class years ago with some of her friends. We did many of these things for her class. The class was free, but the students paid for their own hooks. I purchased all the how-to leaflets so they would have the same one and they would be in on time. For Christmas we got them each a small Rubbermaid container to hold their supplies. This might work for a girls’ club, like Girl Scouts, Camp Fire or Keepers at Home. As a first project, or after the girls learn the basics, they could do a charity project. Also, some clubs have paid dues to help defray expenses. Sometimes local companies will donate supplies towards this sort of thing.

I have also taught Community Education class as well as many private students. My choices for how and when depended to a great degree on who my students were as regards to age and skill level.

The two files below are free for everyone. Not for resale. All files are .pdf files and require a reader to open.

Outline Only

Detailed notes

Note that I no longer sell the teacher packets as I feel they need to be updated and I just don’t have the time or energy to take care of that properly. However, the Crochet Cabana YouTube channel might be a good resource for your students and it is free.

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